James M.

I’ve been a patient of Dr.Rangi for many years. She saw me through a kidney transplant and doctored me after the fact. She is very in touch with her patients and always listens and gives straight accurate diagnosis. Office people are always friendly and never a long wait. She has seen me down a long road and I am very indebted to her.

Pat N.

I consider Dr. Jaiwant Rangi, MD to be the best diabetic doctor. She empowers you with the knowledge to take control of your diabetes, rather then it controlling you. This is the key to maintaining a healthy & happy life. Also her location in is very convenient. She also has an excellent assistant & staff. Pat Nelson

Lynda F.

Dr. Rangi is a kind compassionate highly skilled Endocrinologist whom I trust with my ongoing healthcare issues. Her staff is also very skilled and caring. Lynda Fackeldey-Nurenberg, MHA, Gerontological Specialist, Registered Neurodiagnostic Technologist, Coach in Life and Business


Dr. Rangi has been my endocrinologist for close to a decade now. She is a caring, highly proficient doctor who has helped me immensely as a Type 1 diabetic. She and her staff have always been patient and willing to listen and address any concerns I have had. So I am grateful for her guidance, and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking an endocrinologist.

C. Badal 

I've been working with Dr. Rangi since 1/15/2015. I had been sick since August of 2013, but no doctor could assess exactly what was happening. When I got to Dr. Rangi in 2015 she quickly assessed what other doctors had missed and the tests confirmed her theory - I had a rare case of Hypopituitarism, and was in adrenal crisis. She quickly got my body back in balance, and has supported my well being ever since. I cannot say enough of how her expertise and diligence saved my life.  Her care and concern has helped me learn to live successfully with this critical condition. The only drawback is she is in great demand - so you may have to wait to see her.  But you are in excellent hands when you work with her.  And she works hard to build a practice and a team to be of support to her patients.  10 out of 10 stars. Thank you, Dr. Rangi!

Dr. Rangi has been everything I've needed to turn my diabetes around. First let me tell you I am a nurse by profession. Second, I am extremely picky over my health care. I would give this physician 100 stars if I could. I have been seeing her for nearly 3 years and I haven't even one complaint about her and her staff. I understand fantastic health care and this office is the real deal. We are lucky to have such a wonderful endocrinologist in our community. 

Brian Lanzini

She has treated me for many years and ALWAYS been accurate with her diagnosis. Office staff is great and never a long wait. Dr.Rangi has seen me through my kidney transplant and kept up after with tenacious diligence. She really cares. Don’t hesitate to trust this doctor with your diabetic needs.

Virginia Johnson-Gruver

I have had Dr. Rangi as my Endocrinologist for around 10 years. She is a very caring person/doctor and I am only leaving her because I am moving out of state. I have had the best care possible while under her care. 

 Mehrnoosh Emamian 

I hold Dr Rangi fully responsible for regaining my good health back after eight years of chronic pain and multiple health issues. Dr Rangi is quite knowledgeable, professional and very kind. I highly recommend her to any of my family members or friends who may need a good endocrinologist.

Dr. Rangi is one of the most thorough and knowledgeable physicians I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. She is the endocrinologist for both my husband and me. Her knowledge of traditional and innovative practices is worthy of commendation. Dr. Rangi is patient, kind, informative and is always willing to take the time with you during your appointment. She truly cares about your health and goes out of her way to ensure that you are made aware of new medications, studies that have been undertaken that pertain to your health and opportunities to keep prescription costs down. We are both grateful to have her as our endocrinologist. 

 Dawne Trent

Very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. At the end of visit you receive a print out of summary of your visit, prescriptions and follow-up. She also worked with me on reduced costs for meds and samples. Best MD I've seen for a long time. I highly recommend her! 

Treatment Room

Self-verified patients of Dr. Jaiwant K Rangi

I have been seeing Dr. Rangi for over 2 years. I was referred to her after I was taken in an ambulance to the hospital for my diabetes. At my appointment yesterday, Dr. Rangi reduced my insulin dosage and discussed removing me from insulin altogether within 3 months. That is the level of care I have received from her.....to go from frightening, constant diabetic episodes to doing so well that I may not have to be on insulin any longer is AMAZING to me! She can seem abrupt sometimes, but I truly believe it is because she knows just what needs to be done and she gets to it!!! I have such complete confidence in her and I am grateful. She has made such a difference in my life. 

Dr Rangi is a compassionate and caring doctor who puts her patient's need first. Since coming to her two years ago, she has gotten my diabetes under control. She is sincerely interested in helping her patients get better! She is the best at what she does!

Dr. Rangi has been treating me for some time and has been instrumental in my achieving weight loss and over all good health. Very pro-active in her care for me. I could not be more pleased with the quality of care by her and her staff. Plus she is very friendly and very nice. Dr. Rangi is great! 

I was referred to Dr. Rangi by my family physician as I have medical issues that need to be monitored on a regular basis. Dr. Rangi was very thorough in the tests and exam she gave me to make sure that I needed all the medications that I was on (13 at that time). I was very overweight which was a big concern for her and she started me on her weight loss program. To date I have lost over 60 pounds and have been able to cut my medications down significantly! The support staff in her office has helped me tremendously in making that life style change for better health! Dr. Rangi truly cares about my well being and her staff is great!

I LOVE Dr. Rangi, she gave me my life back!!!! I had a parathyroid issue along with other health issues. She referred to me as her puzzle. Well she put all her knowledge to use and figured out one step at a time without rushing to judgement and got my puzzle solved. She is a warm and compassionate doctor and I trusted her with my life! Thank you Dr. Rangi!!!

In the 50 years of trying to regulate my thyroid, Dr. Rangi is the only doctor determined to get my system back to 'normal'. It has taken over a year, but she has listened, changed meds, put down the 'tools', and explained what she was trying to regulate and how it interacted with my body as a whole. Her patience is admirable (my body resistant to change). I have seen many doctors and NO ONE has taken the time and understanding that Dr. Rangi has! She has the greatest listening skills of all the doctors I have ever had.

Endocrine issues are tricky. I have a very difficult hypothyroid issue. Dr. Rangi is the first doctor I've encountered who cares more about how I'm feeling than what the lab tests say. She has been diligent in trying to get me feeling better over the last few months. I really appreciate her approach, and how she cares how I'm feeling. She is willing to try different doses of the thyroid hormones to get it just right, including using Cytomel, which I've heard is very difficult to find. I'm a different (better) person than I was before she started treating me.

Office with a View

Dr. Jaiwant Rangi really helped me with my Hyperthyroidism, these last few years. She cares about your condition and always ask how you feel first, listens to you, then goes over the test results with you, explaining the facts. Being very knowledgeable and professional at treating your conditions. My condition was extremely difficult to treat, took lots of time, but she succeeded! I recommend her and her staff highly. that is for sure!! If you need a doctor in her field for treatment, she is the one to choose, that is for sure!! I hope this review helps someone.

I took our son to Dr Rangi for management of DM type 1 after facing a lot of frustration with our current insurance. she has helped more in 1 visit than the endocrinologist that we have seen over last 6 yrs . she is extremely caring , spent a lot of time with us explaining each step . All I can say is she is fantastic , knowledgeable and extremely caring . God bless her. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Excellent on all levels. Waiting time not unusual in a doctor's office unless it's the first time in the AM and after lunch---but I fully feel that Dr. Rangi deals with individuals and not just problems- so 2 spend the same amount of time that she spends with me-this I applaud. Having been diagnosed over 40 years ago----I never had the attention 2 my problem until 3 years ago-when I changed insurers-she was instrumental getting me with a insulin pump that now-I feel it was fortunate I finally had the support necessary at my age to try a new approach.

I was referred to Dr. Rangi after my primary care and three other specialists could not diagnose what was going on in my body. She actually listens when I explain what I'm experiencing. Dr. Rangi ordered the necessary tests to confirm her diagnosis and was extremely thorough before giving me a diagnosis and treatment plan. She began treating me with the necessary medication and I feel like a new person! Dr. Rangi will take as much time as necessary to be sure that your questions and concerns are addressed before you leave her office. She has often returned my calls personally when I've left a message with her staff. Not real common for a doctor to do! I cannot express the gratitude that my family and I feel to Dr. Rangi. She is a highly intelligent and caring doctor - a rare yet awesome combination!

Have visited with Dr. Rangi two times now for diabetes. She is very knowledgeable and understanding AND personable. She is very good at explaining and has been patient with our questions. It was such a pleasant surprise, when we were leaving her office we were handed a synopsis of our meeting! Heather, at the front desk, and Deena are extremely pleasant and always helpful. We feel very fortunate that our family doctor suggest we see Dr. Rangi

Very satisfied and highly recommend for Diabetes Care. Excellent bedside manners, very compassionate and caring Physician. I have changed my physician because of ease of getting into her clinic and she has the knowledge and latest technology to care for my type I Diabetes Mellitus.