MedPax 360

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We offer specialized nutrition in daily tear off packets created for your unique body type after extensive evaluation to determine you specific body needs. These nutrition packets are uniquely created for individuals based on their body needs. Start feeling your best with personalized, science-backed nutrition and one-on-one expert advice in individual packs for easy to carry in daily, easy-to-use, individualized tear-off packets!

Why MedPax

What is MedPax?

  • Personalized medicine box of daily dose-packs with targeted dietary supplements

  • Designed specifically for you by your practitioner

  • Backed by XYMOGEN’s ePV and verified for authenticity, potency and safety

Why MedPax?

  • MedPax is convenient. You can easily take your nutritional supplements on the go.

  • It takes the guesswork out of organizing and remembering if you took your supplements.

  • MedPax clearly tells you when to take your next dose.

  • You don’t have to ever worry about running out. Your MedPax will be automatically sent to you every 30 days; and can be canceled at any time.


How Do I Get Started?

  • Consult with your practitioner to see if MedPax is right for you.

  • You get an email notification of your practitioner’s recommendation.

  • Review the recommendation and add it to your cart, pay and it’s on its way.

  • You will get your customized MedPax Auto Shipped every 30 days.

  • Once your supplements arrive, take them daily as directed and start getting back to your life.

The Advantages of MedPax vs Bottles Time Saving:

  • No time spent on assessing inventory, placing orders, stocking, etc.

  • Money Saving: No funds in inventory; no expiration, pilferage, or accounting error losses

  • Energy Saving: No need for staff (or you) to unpack deliveries, stock shelves and dispense bottles

  • Space Saving: No costly square footage of office space to store